Posted by: LZ | December 4, 2009

Obama Will Return to Kailua for 2009 Hawaii Christmas Vacation


The local papers here in Hawaii have reported that President Obama will return to Hawaii this year for his annual Christmas vacation. The White House has not provided any details for the trip. No public appearances are planned.

One Twitter user, @OnOahu recently figured out that the President was planning to return to Paradise Point Estates, the same vacation home as last year.   @OnOahu checked the Paradise Point Estates website which proudly proclaimed: “In December 2008 and 2009, President Barack Obama and his family personally selected the Plantation Estate as their holiday vacation home”.

(12/17/09 update:  The Paradise Point Estates website now states:  “In the interest of security, this site will remain offline until January 4th, 2010”.)

Welcome back to Kailua President Obama. We are looking forward to seeing you riding around in The Beast.

For more information about President Obama’s 2009 Christmas vacation in Hawaii, follow @OnOahu on Twitter using the hashtag #obamahawaii.



  1. The news is reporting that it is $4000 per night for 2 weeks. “He fo de common man.” A Socialist driving a Rolls Royce!

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