Posted by: LZ | June 27, 2009

Rode the Raging River at Wet-n-Wild Hawaii

Raging River at Wet 'n' Wild Hawaii

Raging River at Wet 'n' Wild Hawaii

I went back to Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii yesterday to see if the new Raging River was open yet.  It was!   The ride is described as a family white water rafting ride.   The rafts are delivered to the top of the ride via a conveyor belt and riders walk up the steps, which are a huge improvement over the former pathway that used to lead to the top of the Cliff Hanger.

The top of the ride consists of a clover shaped loading area where you climb on board the round yellow rafts.  There is a minimum of three people required per raft, so some groups of two are put together with either 1, 2 , or 3 other people. 

Riders sit in a circle around the raft leaning back with their feet in the center holding on to the handles on top of the raft.   The ride attendant spins you around and pushes you on your way.

The raft twists and turns down the ride and slides up and down the side walls creating the sensation of white water rafting.  Halfway down you encounter a section of rough water that is created by water jets along the bottom.  It feels like you’ve hit a  bumpy rough patch of road, much like the Pali after a rainstorm. The ride finishes up in a shallow pool where you exit the raft.

The excitement factor of this ride varies depending on the position you are in during the ride down.  If you are lucky enough (or unlucky depending on your point of view) to be going down backwards, it’s a thrill a minute.  If you are facing forwards, it’s pretty tame.  If you go down sideways, you seem to get a little wetter when the raft veers from side to side up and down  the walls.

You don’t have much control over your position unless you are the only one in the raft who wants to go down backwards and are not afraid to ask (hence why I went backwards twice!).

All in all, a nice addition to the water park.



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  2. I’ve ridden a ride kinda like this before

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