Posted by: LZ | May 18, 2009

Riding the Tornado at the Water Park

The Tornado

The Tornado

I went to the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park this past weekend and rode the new Tornado.  The large raft can hold up to four riders.   Once you lug the raft up to the top, you position it in front of a large tube and climb on board.  The ride attendant then pushes the raft and sends you on your way.

As you enter the tube, the raft turns a corner and starts to head downhill and the large funnel comes into view.   Next comes a variety of experiences depending on your position on the raft.  If you are lucky (at least from my point of view), you will be facing forward and you will experience a steep rapid drop into the funnel, up the other side and back down again several times before being flushed out the end. 

If you are not so lucky, you will head into the funnel backwards and feel like you are headed over Niagara Falls with the certainty that you will fall off the raft and slam your head!   (Those must be the people you hear screaming while you are waiting in line). 

Should you end up headed sideways down the funnel, you will be whipped from side to side and end up with what feels like a pint of water in your ear. 

As you can imagine from my description, I try very hard to end up going down the funnel facing forwards.  Be warned, however, the ride attendants like to spin the raft around as they push it down the tunnel, so your final position is often out of your control.   WHICH IS WHY I WILL NEVER RIDE THE TORNADO AGAIN!!  But, that’s just me…

This is where the Tornado funnel empties out - Note the 4-person raft

This is where the Tornado funnel empties out - Note the 4-person raft



  1. I rode the same type of ride, and nearly puked while i was screaming my head off

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