Posted by: LZ | April 1, 2009

Rats! I waited too long to ride the Hawaii Superferry

Hawaii Superferry

Hawaii Superferry

I really wanted to ride the Hawai Superferry.   Despite the fact that I have a tendency to get seasick, I was planning to ride the Hawaii Superferry some time this summer after the winter-time rough seas subsided.    I never imagined that I would have to travel to Alabama in order to do this.   Why Alabama?  This past weekend, the Hawaii Superferry left the Honolulu Harbor on its three-week journey to Alabama via the Panama Canal.  

I remember watching a TV show on the National Geographic Channel about the building of the Hawaii Superferry.  There was one line in the video that really stuck with me “If it fails, that will mean $200 million down the drain.”  Time to call the plumber.

Although I was personally excited about the  four-story catamaran-style vessel with restaurants, shops, and enough space to hold 300 cars, there were others who were less than thrilled for its arrival.   Originally scheduled to sail from Oahu to Maui and Kauai, some residents of Kauai were successful in blocking (literally) the boat from entering their harbor.  

The company that ran the Superferry failed to complete  a full Environmental Impact Statement prior to its launch.  A state law was passed that allowed the ferry to launch anyways and the Hawaii State Supreme Court recently ruled that the law  was unconstitutional, so bye bye ferry.

I guess I’ll just have to take my dramamine and watch the video instead.

Update: Just when I was feeling sorry for myself I came across poor Mauibrad who’s been blogging about the Hawaii Superferry for YEARS!!  Well, at least he’s got some more spare time now…



  1. Darnit! You missed it.

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