Posted by: LZ | December 26, 2008

Obama’s Other House in Kailua

12/4/09 Update – Obama Will Return to Kailua for 2009 Hawaii Christmas Vacation

This is as far as you can walk down the beach

This is as far as you can walk down the beach

I had some time to kill during my son’s tennis lesson the other day and decided to take a stroll down Kailua Beach.  I saw the Obama girls and a friend running around the backyard of the rental house that backs up to the beach. I had my camera with me, but didn’t take a picture.  I think the kids should have their privacy.  However, had it been Barack and Michelle tossing a frisbee, you can bet that photo would be prominently displayed at the top of this post! 

As I walked back, I went past the house they rented in August (see my “Obama Hawaii Vacation August 2008 Google map”).  I saw people just walking by it now without a second glance, while a small crowd was gathered by the “new Obama houses” at the end of the beach.  If houses could talk, would it be saying:  “What about me?  Doesn’t anyone care about ME???”  Yes, that August house contained merely a presidential wanna-be instead of the President-elect.  But, still…  There has been a lot written about the Castle estates on Kailuana Place. A local news broadcast even gave a video tour inside the homes.  See the house on my new Obama Christmas Vacation in Hawaii Google Map that I am currently working on.

Photo of Obama's August rental house (from my website)

Photo of Obama's August rental house (from my website)

But what about the August house? I searched the internet and the most I found was “an 11-bedroom, oceanfront vacation home owned by Jill Tate Higgins sitting behind thick palm trees at the end of a private road. The $8 million house occupies 12,000-square feet and has 10.5 bathrooms, a pool and a Jacuzzi.”  The only good photo I could find of the house was on my own website (and that’s the one I took!)  So, as I strolled by that long-forgotten lonely (but lovely!) house, I decided then and there to help this house find its rightful place in the sun.

 I put on my detective cap and started sleuthing. Success! I found the listing on several vacation rental websites. The house actually has 10 bedrooms and 11 1/2 bathrooms, not the other way around you mainstream media guys! It has a BBQ!  An outdoor shower!  An exercise room!  A media room! A large pool and two indoor/outdoor wading pools!  And best of all, it says “kids ok”!!  

And yes, it also lists the per night price.  And no, I’m not going to include that here.  If you really gotta know, go find it yourself!

Here are some photos:

Pool and courtyard

August rental: Pool and courtyard

Pool and hot tub

August rental: Pool and hot tub

Living Room

August rental: Living Room

Dining Room

August rental: Dining Room


August rental: Kitchen

Master Bedroom

August rental: Master Bedroom

Kids room

August rental: Kids room

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  1. Great coverage on the Obama house Aug.2008! We have walked Kailua beach many, many times. We are San Franciscans that had lived in Kailua for 7 years in the 1990’s. We try to stay on the beach for a few weeks every year. If that property EVER goes on the market…meaning sub-dividing it into condos…we’re there!! Thanks for the great photos and details.

  2. I’m there too! Count me in if that property ever goes on the market. Mahalo for the great photos and details, also.

  3. I was lucky enough to be invited to a once in a lifetime wedding in Hawaii. On the last day there I had planned to walk this beach(Kailua) with my girlfriend and as we walked by I saw this beautiful
    house and thought what a majestic place. Little did I know that the
    future president had stayed there! Thank you Robyn!

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