Posted by: LZ | December 23, 2008

Obama’s Hawaii Vacation: What you NEED to know NOW!!!

Monday, 12/22/08:  Living in Hawaii, I get to read all sorts of interesting facts about Obama’s vacation here. I have no idea how this is playing out on the Mainland, so I decided to share the wealth. If you are hungry for details about Obama’s Christmas vacation in Hawaii, feast on these:

Obama and Sasha deplaning in Honolulu

Obama and Sasha deplaning in Honolulu

Obama’s plane touched down at exactly 3:06PM on Saturday.  It was a 767-300-I jet, not just any ‘ol 767! Obama was wearing khaki pants, a black polo shirt, black jacket, and Chicago White Sox cap. But what about Sasha??? Oh, she was wearing a “large peace symbol on her shirt” (and not just a small one, by the way).  Somehow they left out the part about the cute pink glasses she was wearing, but fear not, my eagle eye caught that important detail in the many photos. 

Their motorcade drove to Kailua via the H-3 freeway instead of the Pali Highway. Hmmmm, I wonder why. There must be a reason for that, yet we are left dangling, with no official explanation. They arrived at the gate at the end of Kailuana Place at exactly 3:58pm. So, it took them 53 minutes from touch-down to home.

On Sunday morning, Barack and Michelle left the house at 7:15 AM (but what time did they wake up? Details, folks, we need DETAILS!)  They had a 45 minute workout at the gym at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe. Barack left the gym at 8:10 AM. His grey shirt was “soaked with sweat”! He must have had a good workout, or perhaps the A/C was broken?? So, a total of 55 minutes elapsed since they left the house. With a 45 minute workout, that means there was a ten minute travel time. Not bad, I bet they made all of the lights!

Obama in his golf attire

Obama in his golf attire

At 12:15pm, Barack “laced up his white shoes” in the back of the SUV. Did they mean tie his shoes or did he actually have to put in new laces? Details, we need more details! We do know that he was wearing black sunglasses, a white polo shirt, light brown (I guess that’s different than khaki) cargo shorts (lots of pockets for tees and golf balls, no doubt), short white socks (thank goodness for that; he would have looked ridiculous in knee socks…) and of course, those freshly-laced white shoes!  

I have to say, I was concerned about whether he had eaten lunch yet. After a sweaty workout, he must have been starved!  Then the news flash came that Obama bought two hot dogs, two fried-egg Spam musubi, two passion-orange sodas, a Powerade and a Coke, for $17.75 at the snackbar. Gee, you’d think they would have given it to him for free. You just can’t buy that kind of publicity, Olomana!

On Monday, Barack and Michelle left their house at 7:08 AM to return to the gym for a workout. Today we learned that they have to walk up a short flight of stairs to enter the brown and tan concrete block building. (Wow, I feel like I was practically there with them! )  Barack left the gym at 8:08 AM and Michelle stayed behind to work out a little longer. You go girl! 

It’s only been 48 hours and I’m exhausted.

Oh, and in case you are wondering: Right now, I am wearing olive green shorts, a pink, green, yellow, and light blue flowered collared shirt, a dark navy Swatch, and I’m barefoot!

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