Posted by: LZ | December 21, 2008

Sunrise at Obama’s House

Every Sunday morning, I meet my friend at Kailua Beach park at 6:30AM and we walk the length of the beach. Today was no different. Well, maybe a little different. At that time of day, we usually see only a handful of people on the beach. Today, there were considerably more people all headed down the beach in the direction of Obama’s house. By no means a mob, just noticeably more than usual.

The sunrise this morning was beautiful. The skies have cleared and it looks like it will be a postcard sunny day in Hawaii. I took this photo of the sunrise just down from Obama’s house around 7:00AM.

This morning's sunrise on Kailua Beach

This morning's sunrise on Kailua Beach

I brought my camera along in case I happened to run into you-know-who. Last August, I did just that. On his first morning here, Obama went for a jog on Kailua beach. I had my camera then too. I saw Michelle Obama looking out the large picture window of their rental house admiring the beautiful view. I resisted the urge to take a picture of her; it seemed like an invasion of privacy. 

As I headed back to the beach park, I saw Obama walking back towards his house. There was no one in the immediate area except for Obama and his security detail. As he walked toward me, I just HAD to get the moment on video. I stood there awkwardly pointing my camera as he headed toward me. I have to admit, I felt like an idiot just standing there by myself filming him headed my way. So, I put away the camera before he got too close. As he walked by, I offered an embarrassed “Hi”, to which he replied “Hi, how you doing?”  Me: “Good, how are you?” Him: Good”. And that was it. My big chance to say something to the next President and all I came up with was “hi”. You can see that August video on my ArmchairHawaii website along with more photos of their rental house.

Back to today. Obama’s house is all the way down at the end of the beach. They closed off the beach near his house. A police officer is stationed there turning away the folks who want to “touch the wall”. There is a rock wall at the very end of the beach and lots of walkers/joggers like to touch the wall before turning around. Obama’s house is just beyond the wall, so no touching today!

More people than usual out on this end of Kailua Beach this morning

More people than usual out on this end of Kailua Beach this morning


Here is where Obama will hang his stocking this Christmas

Here is where Obama will hang his stocking this Christmas

 The AP published a story the other day about Obama’s rental house.  Here is a photo from the vacation rental directory mentioned in the AP story that seems to match the description in that story:

Photo of Kailuana Estate from vacation rental directory

Photo of Kailuana Estate from vacation rental directory

Just as I was about to publish this post, my husband walked in and told me he just saw Obama at Olomana Golf Course (less than a mile from our house).  Well, he didn’t actually see him, but it was clear by the motorcade and security that he was there playing golf.  My husband was at the range at the time, and no, he doesn’t carry a camera around like I do…

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  1. aloha keep up the good work thank you for allowing us to have a native from your home land as the net president i have visited hawaii it was maui its so beautifull there i hope to return someday

  2. Beautiful pictures and lovely coverage. It made me homesick for I grew up in Kailua and went to the public school system in Kailua. Graduated from Kai High in ’58. Kailua has fond memories for me and I’m glad to know the President enjoys being in Kailua, Hawaii. I use to work out on the Marine Air Base on Saturday mornings when in high school.

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