Posted by: LZ | December 19, 2008

Obama to arrive in Hawaii on Saturday for Christmas Vacation

Word’s out that Obama and his family will arrive in Hawaii on Saturday and will stay for twelve days. 

Some realtors and local residents are speculating just where he will be hanging his stocking this Christmas.  Based on the widely circulated AP description, “a Kailua beachfront location with three modern, multimillion-dollar homes each wrapping around a lagoon-style swimming pool, with palm trees, grassy lawns and retractable glass walls for postcard views of the white sand and windsurfers”, some folks are predicting a stay in Lanikai at the Paul Mitchell estate.   This is pure speculation since the folks-really-in-the-know aren’t commenting. 

12/20/08 update:   So much for the prognosticators, Obama is staying at the opposite end of Kailua Beach at Kailuana Place along the Kawainui Channel – – I guess that means no free Paul Mitchell shampoo bottles for Michelle…

Let’s hope the weather is a little better than it has been lately. Last week, we had some major storms move through leaving most of our beaches a brownish, murky mess. Although the Health Department has removed the signs warning swimmers about high bacteria levels due to sewage spills (yuck…), the water at many beaches is still on the brownish side.

Here are some photos I snapped earlier this week at Kailua Beach not too far from where Obama will be staying:

Brown foam on Kailua Beach

Brown foam on Kailua Beach


Brown water at Kailua Beach

Brown water at Kailua Beach

Aside from being unpleasant-looking, the brown water can carry leptospirosis and also seems to attract sharks. But other than that…

I’m sure this won’t be a problem since everything seems to be working out for Obama lately. I bet the weather will clear; the ocean will return to its glorious turquoise; the sun will shine and that yucky brown foam will evaporate!

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