Posted by: LZ | December 6, 2008

Obama Loves Kailua!

Downtown Kailua

Downtown Kailua

12/4/09  Update – Obama Will Return to Kailua for 2009 Hawaii Christmas Vacation

12/6/08:  The unofficial official word came out today that President-Elect Obama is going to stay in Kailua again when he comes here with his family and friends for Christmas.  Proof positive that our future President loves Kailua – – and so do the folks who live here.   Of course, who wouldn’t love  a ” beachfront location with three modern, multimillion-dollar homes each wrapping around a lagoon-style swimming pool, with palm trees, grassy lawns and retractable glass walls for postcard views of the white sand and windsurfers”.  Yep. that pretty much describes my house in Kailua except for the part about the beach, pool, sand, and windsurfers.   I also have palm trees and a grass-like side yard! 

The story in the Honolulu Advertiser says that the Obamas will be here for several days including Christmas.  (Note to any Kailua residents:  Put up extra Christmas lights this year!   Ok, now that I’ve brought up the topic, I must make a little side comment. For some reason, it seems that people here don’t put up nearly as many Christmas lights as my previous neighborhood in Seattle did.   Even the most decorated streets here don’t come close to the least decorated streets there.  I’ve wondered why for eight Christmases now.  Maybe it’s because people here are short on storage space.  Maybe it’s the high electricity costs.  Personally, nothing puts me out of the Christmas spirit more than stringing lights on a palm tree on a sunny 80 degree day, but that doesn’t stop me! )

I must admit, I have to chuckle when I read the phrase “trendy Kailua” in news stories.  Kailua is not trendy, upscale, or chic or anything like that.   It is a nice family-oriented community with nice people who are not particularly rich or poor, just trying to live a good decent life  (With the exception, of course of the beachfront properties – – but most of Kailua is not like that ).   For more about Kailua, check out my website.   Click on “What to Do” to find the Kailua link.  While you’re there, you can also check out the “Obama in Hawaii”  page.

I’m glad that the Obamas enjoy our little town and hope they have a relaxing and very Merry Christmas.  

Hint for Michelle:  There is a great store in the center of Kailua town called “So Kailua” that carries a wide variety of “I love Kailua” hats and t-shirts.  Perfect Christmas gift for Barack!

Quick political aside: I had to shake my head when I also read that Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle invited Obama to meet with her while he is here. Lingle spent several long weeks in the fall on the mainland campaigning for McCain/Palin while Hawaii’s economy went south.   One of her more memorable quotes while there:  “Senator Obama likes to say he’s from Hawaii. But, the truth is, I’ve never met him in my life. He’s never called me on the phone.”  Then, she skipped the National Governors Association meeting this past week with the President-Elect because she didn’t want to reschedule some internal budget meetings dealing with Hawaii’s economic problems. This made a lot of folks here unhappy.  I imagine Lingle saying, “But, while you’re here celebrating Christmas with your family, Mr. President-Elect, I’ll find some time in my busy schedule to chat with ya!” Auwe!

Watch my video:

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  1. for christmas decorations try namoku street by ross’ in kaneohe…8 years is not enough time to judge the difference of christmas celebration between seattle and hawaii….having been here since i was a kid only 50 years ago, i know what i don’t know….hawaiian style, be humble and no make mention…listen and learn

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