Posted by: LZ | November 29, 2008

Take a hike up Diamond Head

 Diamond Head trail

If you spend any time in Waikiki, you will see Diamond Head. Wouldn’t you like to see it on the inside? When I first moved here, I thought the whole point of the hike was to climb down to see the inside of the crater. I didn’t know what to expect. The entrance road went uphill and through a tunnel. We continued along the road to the parking lot. The parking lot was located in the bottom of the crater! The whole crater area was just a big field of grass. I guess I was expecting hardened lava or something! That was when I found out that the hike actually goes from down in the crater area up to the summit for a spectacular view.

To reach the summit, you will need to hike .8 mile along a winding unpaved path. The trailhead is at an elevation of 200 feet; the summit is at 761 feet. Once you complete the several switchbacks, you need to climb 74 steps to reach the 225-foot long tunnel. This tunnel used to be unlit – pitch black! Back then, a flashlight was needed in order to see anything. Without one, people just held onto the side railing and walked in the dark. They recently installed lights along the bottom of the tunnel. No flashlight is required anymore. Personally, I preferred the dark tunnel; it seemed more adventurous.

There is a second set of stairs with 99 steps straight up. These steps lead to the Fire Control Station, which is the exit point at the summit. You need to climb the spiral staircase up to the third level (52 steps). Once there, you will be greeted by a guy trying to sell you an official looking document proclaiming your achievement for $2.00. It is surprising how many people buy this…

Next, you will exit the Fire Control Station by climbing out the narrow slit (you need to stoop under the low overhang (about 3 1/2 feet clearance height). Then, enjoy the view ! And what a view!   As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out the Diamond Head photos on my website.


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