Posted by: LZ | November 21, 2008

Pacific Aviation Museum – Worthwhile stop on the Pearl Harbor tour

Japanese Zero Exhibit at the Pacific Aviation Museum

Japanese Zero Exhibit at the Pacific Aviation Museum

The Pacific Aviation Museum is located in a 42,000 square foot seaplane hangar on Ford Island that survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. Across from the hangar is the original control tower that broadcast the first report of the attack. You can still see damaged sections of concrete on the surrounding airfields. The first section of the Pacific Aviation museum opened in 2006 and focuses on World War II in the Pacific. Future exhibits will be built in other hangars covering the Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Cold War.

Give yourself at least 90 minutes to explore the Pacific Aviation museum. Don’t miss:

– The movie about the Pearl Harbor attack

– Japanese Zeros exhibit

– Army Air Corps B-25 Mitchell bomber, SBD Dauntless dive bomber, US Navy Wildcat Fighter, and the actual Stearman N2S-3 in which former President Bush soloed.

The combat flight simulators are very popular with museum guests.  You can dogfight for fifteen minutes with or against your friends in the skies above Guadalcanal in either a Wildcat or Zero aircraft. 

The WWII themed Laniakea Café serves breakfast and lunch.  This fun restaurant features gourmet burgers and sandwiches, salads, stir fry, mahi mahi, pasta specialties, and more.   The Pacific Aviation Museum also has a large gift shop stocked with WWII model planes, books, and related souvenirs.



  1. The aviators tour is the most incredible view of the EXTRA planes. I got to go inside 2 of the helicopters and shoot my own rivet in the restoration hangar.

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