Posted by: LZ | November 19, 2008

Obama Back in Hawaii in December for Christmas Vacation

Christmas Holiday Display at Honolulu City Lights

Christmas Holiday Display at Honolulu City Lights


12/4/09 UpdateObama Will Return to Kailua for 2009 Hawaii Christmas Vacation

11/19/08:   KITV recently reported that President-elect Barack Obama is planning a December family vacation in Hawaii over the Christmas holiday.   Top priority, of course, will be attending a private memorial service for his Grandmother Madelyn Dunham, who passed away in early November.  

The specific dates of Obama’s December visit have not been announced yet, only the phrase “over the Christmas holiday” was used in the KITV report.  The timing makes sense:  His daughters, Malia and Sasha, will be off from school at that time.  Plus, it will give the Obama family one last chance to get away for some relaxing time together prior to the “big move” in January. 

The Obamas seemed to enjoy their vacation here in August.  (Check out my website to see my photo gallery, Google Map, and video from that vacation)  So, what would be a good itinerary for them this time around?  For starters, it would make sense if they stayed in the same beach house rental (or one nearby) in Kailua again.  The house is somewhat isolated at the end of a cul-de-sac.  It’s big enough for them plus the large security detail the President-elect will undoubtedly require.  Plus, it’s easy access to: the delicious shave ice at the local Island Snow down the road; an early morning jog on the beach; and a round or two of golf at nearby Olomana or Luana Hills.  Only this time, perhaps Obama might want to give Ko’olau a try.  It is, as they claim, the toughest course in the nation from the back tees.  Might be good practice for taking on the toughest job in the nation.

December is a great time to visit Hawaii.  No threat of ice or snow here.  It’s high-surf time on the North Shore.  Perhaps Obama will make a visit to Punahou pal Bobby Titcomb’s house on the North Shore to enjoy the huge surf.  He should be sure to stop off and enjoy the fresh shrimp up there also.  This time around, a trip to Sea Life Park could make sense for the Obama family. It’s conveniently located near Kailua and is usually not very crowded at this time of  the year.  They can feed the turtles, feed the sea lions, and watch a dolphin show. Heck, they can even swim with the dolphins if they want to.  The girls would probably love that.  They can also snorkel with the stingrays. 

A visit to Hawaii in December around the Christmas holiday would not be complete without stopping off to admire the Honolulu City Lights at night.  Many of the municipal buildings are decorated with Christmas lights and holiday scenes.  They will definitely have to swing by there some evening. 

Whatever they plan to do and wherever they plan to stay, they have earned a chance to relax and enjoy the holiday spirit here in Hawaii.  Ho Ho Ho Merry Barry!


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