Posted by: LZ | October 9, 2008

Battleship Missouri – Climb Aboard the Mighty Mo

Battleship Missouri

Battleship Missouri

This awesome ship, known as the “Mighty Mo”, was the last battleship comissioned by the United States and was launched in 1944. The ship provided gunfire support for many important battles of World War II. The Japanese formally surrendered on the deck of the Missouri in September 1945. The Missouri also saw action in the Korean Conflict and the Persion Gulf War.

The Mighty Mo is located in the Pearl Harbor area near the Arizona Memorial, the Bowfin submarine, and the Pacific Aviation Museum. The Mighty Mo is open every day (except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day) from 9AM – 5 PM. You can choose either a guided or self-guided tour. If you decide to go it alone, be sure to grab a Deck Log which illustrates 14 points of interest on the ship.

* Give yourself at least 90 minutes to explore the ship. Some of the more impressive things to see include:

Bow – The ship has two anchors weighing 31,000 lbs each using chains stretching nearly 1,200 feet.

Main Battery – Three massive 16-inch gun turrets with three guns in each turret. Each round weighing either 1,900 or 2,700 lbs can be fired up to 23 miles. These are the biggest guns afloat in the world.

Wardroom and Museum Exhibit – check out what life was like on board the Mighty Mo

Kamikaze Attack Site – a Kamkaze suicide attack plane crashed on the starboard side in April 1945.

Below Deck – see where the crew worked, slept, and ate

Surrender Deck – On September 2, 1945 the military leaders of WWII gathered here to witness the Japanese signing the surrender document ending the war.

* Note that the following items are prohibited: purses, handbags, fanny packs, backpacks, camera bags, diaper bags, luggage and/or other items that offer concealment. Cameras and video camcorders are allowed. Storage of the prohibited items is available for a small fee prior to boarding the shuttle to Ford Island.



  1. […] Tourists in Hawaii will no doubt be disappointed in the coming months when the Mighty Mo is off in drydock.  For more information about visting the Battleship Missouri, read my blog post “Climb aboard the Mighty Mo“. […]

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